September 2014 - March 2015

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Concertinas at Witney, 25th – 27th September 2015
Melodeons at Witney, 14th - 16th November 2014
Strings at Witney, March 2015
Oxford Village Band
One-day Workshops

Concentrated Workshops
with Leading Tutors
in a Relaxed Setting.

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Hands On Music Weekends


MORE COURSE UNITS - Each tutor will offer three course units – Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon and Sunday – so that you will be able to work with three different tutors if you wish. Check out the new Sample Programme.

FRIDAY NIGHT GATHERING - An informal welcome session with music to play, and teas and coffees available. Bring along anything you want to drink.

ONLINE BOOKING - At last you will be able to book and pay for the weekend online, including Euro and US Dollar payments. (Sterling cheque payments still accepted.)

Some of the music for the weekend will be available to course participants a few weeks beforehand for download online, so that you can print off the pages you need. There will also be mp3 files of the music being played.

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SAME PRICE - still £90.00, with youth concessions
SAME VENUE – the charming buildings of the old school with plenty of parking near the town centre
TUTORS’ CONCERT – an opportunity to hear the tutors in a formal concert setting

*For those without access to a computer, hard copy of music and paper confirmations can be sent.

The Oxford Village Band

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Photos by: Carol Black, Jenny Cox, Bendigo Davies, Brian Ledgard, Doc Rowe