RSS Feeds
(Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary -
see The Free Dictionary for this and 108 other definitions!)

Most up-to-date browsers have a RSS feed reader built in. Look for the orange icon in the address bar or tool bar of your browser (or, with safari, click on the grey "reader" icon in the address bar, and choose RSS instead of reader. If you add our feed to your list of feeds, you will see when it's updated.

Most email systems, such as Outlook, have the capability to read RSS feeds. For more information on choosing and installing a RSS reader, try this link: How to read RSS feeds.

Google Chrome does not have a built-in RSS feeds reader, but you can download a plug-in for one here.

If people have any other tips or links on RSS feeds and readers that they'd like to share, please email them to chris@whitecottagewebsites.co.uk.

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