23rd - 25th September, 2016

Pam Bishop
Tim Collins
Matt Quinn
Simon Thoumire
Dave Townsend

  Workshops for English, Anglo and Duet Concertinas



Saturday Morning:
A1 Tim Collins - Introduction to Irish Music for Anglo Concertina
Start exploring one of the great living traditions of Anglo Concertina music. [Level - B/I]

A2 Simon Thoumire - Explorations for English Concertina
Simon unpacks some wild and whacky ideas and technical tricks. [Level - I/H]

A3 Dave Townsend - Dancing Concertinas
Style, rhythm and accompaniment, for all concertina systems, with parts for Bass and Baritone concertinas. [Level - B/I]

A4 Matt Quinn - Accompanying Songs and Tunes with Duet Concertina
Chords, textures and approaches to the art of accompaniment. [Level - B/I/H]

Saturday Afternoon:
B1 Tim Collins - Irish Music for All Concertinas
A detailed look at how the distinctive style and sound of Irish music is created. [Level - I/H]

B2 Simon Thoumire - Introduction to Scottish Music
Get a handle on the style and repertoire of Scottish traditional music.  For all concertina systems. [Level - B/I]

B3 Dave Townsend - English Concertina Old Style
Learn how to play some popular tunes arranged with harmony notes and chords on the same instrument, in the style of the concertinists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There will also be some lower parts for basses and baritones to fill out the sound. [Level - I/H]

B4 Matt Quinn - Introduction to Sussex Tunes
Playing the distinctive repertoire and style of the great Sussex players, including Scan Tester. [Level - B/I]

C1 Tim Collins - Irish Concertina Ensemble
In 2014 Tim formed the groundbreaking Irish Concertina Ensemble (ICE) to perform and record harmonised arrangements of Irish music on multiple concertinas. At Witney we will be taking it a step further, by playing some of their arrangements as a concertina band. For all concertina systems, including Bass and Baritone. [Level - I/H]

C2 Simon Thoumire - Improvisation for Concertinas
Give it a try - expert guidance through the scary world of improvised music! [Level - I/H]

C3 Dave Townsend - What a Lovely Tune!
Playing some slower melodies with expression, phrasing and maybe some simple harmonies. [Level - B/I]

C4 Pam Bishop - Arranging for Concertinas
A different approach to developing arrangements for concertina, so that it doesn’t mean simply playing lots of chords. With special reference to duet concertinas, but suitable for all concertina systems.
[Level - I/H]



PAM BISHOP plays duet concertina and guitar, and leads the dance band Mad Moll and the Moseley Village Band. She is a director of the Traditional Arts Team which runs performance and training events across the Midlands. She is also a trustee of the Charles Parker Archive which is hosted in the Library of Birmingham. More about Pam on https://sites.google.com/site/duetconcertina/

TIM COLLINS is widely acclaimed as one of the great anglo concertina players and tutors of modern times. Although based in Crusheen, County Clare where he runs his own concertina school, Tim’s music strongly bears the sonic imprint of his native County Limerick. 
A member of the famed Kilfenora Céilí Band since 1994, he has toured and recorded extensively and is in constant demand as a tutor and performer. He is founding co-director of Consairtín: The National Concertina Convention (now in its fourth year) and is founding director of the Irish Concertina Ensemble (ICE). In addition to his music career, he holds a PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway where works part-time as a researcher in the Centre for Landscape Studies.

MATT QUINN  is fast becoming a well-known name on the English folk scene. Born and raised in Sussex, Matt has focused his solo repertoire on traditional songs and tunes that have been collected in his home county. He is currently gigging (amongst other things) with The Dovetail Trio (where he plays his Maccann Duet Concertina alongside Rosie Hood & Jamie Roberts) on the UK folk club and festival circuit and more recently performed with them live on BBC Radio 3.

SIMON THOUMIRE is a concertina player and composer from Scotland who has worked in the fields of folk and improvisation. He has performed all over the world solo, in duos and bands, and released numerous albums, often on his own highly successful label. His latest album - released in 2013 - is called He Think's He's Invisible and was recorded with guitarist Ian Carr. More information at www.simonthoumire.com

DAVE TOWNSEND is one of the acknowledged masters of the English Concertina, equally at home playing dance music, folksong, classical and modern music. He also plays accordion, fiddle and one-row melodeon, and sings. His wide-ranging musical activities cover composition, teaching, research and publication, music for radio, television and theatre, leading choirs and singing groups, plus dance workshops and calling. His interest in rural traditions of playing and singing in harmony led to the formation of The Mellstock Band and the West Gallery Music Association. He has toured and recorded widely as a soloist and with ensembles as varied as Jumpleads, Alianza, Sod’s Opera and The Lost Chord. He is the Director of Hands On Music Weekends.


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