The Lost Chord

The Lost Chord

Songs and Concert Pieces
from the Victorian Music Halls

Phil Humphries - Serpent and Trombone
Dave Townsend - Concertina and Vocals

Ridiculous Songs and Stunning Instrumentals in the Spirit of the Golden Age of the Music Halls, performed by Phil Humphries (Serpent) and Dave Townsend (Concertina & Vocals) of The Mellstock Band.

Some years ago a mysterious urge led Phil and Dave to start performing a repertoire of popular classics, music-hall songs and Victorian & Edwardian instrumental showpieces. You Canít keep a Horse in a Lighthouse is inspired by the enormous good humour and staggering variety of the music performed on the Halls in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the heyday of the concertina and the declining years of the serpent. As well as their instrumental pyrotechnics, they perform songs famous, infamous, obscure and suggestive, with plenty of opportunities to join in the chorus and titter at the double entendres!

New Album by The Lost Chord SER 011
Phil Humphries (Serpent) & Dave Townsend (Concertina) present a selection from their instrumental repertoire
Music cheerful & serious, playful & virtuosic, including gems by Handel, Mozart, Sousa, Sullivan & Tchaikovsky.

Sample Tracks:
Track 2 - Waves of the Danube  Track 4 - Turkish Rondo
Track 13 - In A Persian Market  Order Form

Available from:
Serpent Press,
22 Swinbourne Road,

£12.50 (includes postage)
Cheques to:
Serpent Press

THE LOST CHORD bring you all the fun and excitement of the bygone era of the English Music Halls. With the unique combination of the rich-toned Serpent and the sweetness of the English Concertina, they sing hilarious and risque ballads and play eccentric and virtuosic instrumentals.

More of The Lost Chord in action:
The Trombone Song   When Father Papered the Parlour

The Lost Chord are equally at home giving concert performances, leading rousing sing-along choruses or playing in the background to create a Victorian ambience. For something really different for your party, fete, wedding or corporate event contact:

Phil Humphries - 2 Hillside Cottage, Dewlish, Dorchester, DT2 7LZ Tel. 01258 837034
Dave Townsend - 22 Swinbourne Road, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4PQ Tel. 01865 714778
Fax: 01865 749428 email:

The Lost Chord - Phil Humphries & Dave Townsend

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