The Mellstock Band

Mellstock Band Shows - A Brief Guide

Celebrating Christmas
Rural Christmas festivities have a strong grip on the imagination. These shows abound with the sounds and images of midnight carollers, mummers, wassailing, dancing and making merry.

A Tale of Two Christmases - Seasonal Songs & Stories from Dickensí London and Hardyís Wessex.
A new Christmas show celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, bringing to rumbustious life the taverns, dance halls, workhouses and street singers of town and country during Christmas celebrations, as described by two of the greatest writers of the nineteenth-century.
Rejoice All Men - Christmas in Thomas Hardyís Wessex
Christmas Is Come - Village Merrymaking, with Hardy, Dickens, Clare, Barnes & others
The Leaves of Life - Christmas Music in English Tradition, from Carols to Revels & from Alehouse to Church Gallery

Music and Tales of the English Countryside
Thomas Hardy, William Barnes, John Clare and other authors have left vivid depictions of country life and customs. Drawing on these and the music collections of Hardy, Clare and other village musicians, the band weave together songs, dances and stories to create tapestries of life, love and festivity.

Human Shows - Thomas Hardy's Musical Worlds, from Mellstock Church to Casterbridge Barracks, from Mixen Lane to Vauxhall Gardens
The Shepherdís Calendar - Merrymaking and Courtship through the Country Year
A Midsummer Cushion - Music and Songs of John Clare

Beyond Mellstock
The Bandís eclectic interests in composition, improvistion, research and musical exploration mean that they reach forward as well as back in time to bring performances combining a contemporary edge with a powerful historical sense.

The Village Philharmonic - from the Tinkerís Arms to the Concert Hall & back again, with compositions and arrangements by Bach, Corelli, Grainger, Handel, Haydn, Holst, Mozart & Vaughan Williams
Love & Liquor, Death and Dancing - The Great Things of Life according to Thomas Hardy
Ghosts & Lovers - Shocking Stories, Wicked Songs & Tunes: Tales of Dread and Delight from Hidden Byways of Rural Tradition

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Photo: Keith Kitson