The Oxford Village Band

Here’s a totally different way to enjoy music-making - join a band where players of (nearly!) any instrument get together and play traditional music in the style of the old English village bands, with arrangements based on those played by country musicians of Thomas Hardy’s time. There will be dance tunes & other pieces, mostly from English tradition.

Fiddles & other bowed strings, squeeze-boxes, woodwinds, brass, and all acoustic bass instruments are welcome. There’s no audition or ability limit, but members will be expected to have a working knowledge of how to play their instrument and must be over 16.

The band is led by Dave Townsend, whose work as director of Hands On Music and creator of The Mellstock Band is well known.

For more information, phone 01865 714778 or email

*Getting there - from the Oxford Ring Road, turn away from the City Centre at the Littlemore Roundabout onto Oxford Road, bear right at the mini-roundabout, go past the church and Railway Lane is the right turn opposite The George pub.

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