Dave Townsend Workshops

Workshops led by Dave Townsend

Dave Townsend has led workshops and classes all over Britain, Europe and America, for organisations as varied as The British Council, The Three Choirs Festival, The Royal National Theatre, Cambridge Revels (USA), Oxford School of Drama, Sidmouth International Folk Festival and Whitby Folk Week.

Here are some options:
English Concertina – all aspects of playing traditional and classical music, including solo technique, song accompaniment, harmony and band playing.

English Dance Music – traditional tunes and styles from Oxfordshire, Yorkshire, Cumbria and East Anglia.

West Gallery Singing – the vigorous tunes and unorthodox harmonies of rural English churches from 1720 to 1860.

Village Band Music – the sound of country dance bands incorporating strings, woodwinds, brass and squeezeboxes.