The Mellstock Band
Music of Rural England

Songs, Dances, Tunes & Stories, Concertina, Violin, Clarinet, Serpent & Voices

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THE MELLSTOCK BAND entertain with a unique combination of singing, instrumental music and spoken word, encompassing west gallery harmony, traditional songs, glees, dances, marches, poems and stories.

As well as performing their popular themed costume shows, they play for dances, present workshops and provide rural sounds for all kinds of public and private events.

“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Mellstocks.”

(Susan Segal, Riverhouse Arts)

Listen to the Mellstock Band

Ghosts & Lovers Album – Step & Fetch Her, Nancy’s Fancy and The Three Meet

The Thomas Hardy Songbook – Hence Away Dull Cares

Mellstock Band Photography by Sheila Burnett