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Mellstock Trio & Mellstock Dance Band

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The Mellstock Trio

Caroline Butler (voice & fiddle)
Phil Humphries (voice, serpent & trombone)
Dave Townsend (voice, concertina & fiddle)

The Thomas Hardy Song Book

In a new, smaller-scale ensemble we bring you the singing tradition that Hardy knew as a boy, and which permeates the world of his poems and novels. There are songs of love, seafaring, revelry and the supernatural alongside carols, part-songs and dance music, linked with spoken extracts from Hardy’s works. Hardy noted down the words of many local songs sung by his family and neighbours. Our new costume showThe Thomas Hardy Song Book combines these with the music from his family’s manuscript music-books and folk-songs collected in Dorset in the early twentieth century.

The Mellstock Dance Band

The young Thomas Hardy was a keen dancer and dance fiddler, and the Mellstock Band are all experienced dance players. Caroline Butler and Dave Townsend share the calling duties, taking even the most inexperienced through a range of straightforward and enjoyable dances from Hardy’s Wessex and elsewhere, while the band plays with all the exuberance of a nineteenth-century village band.